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Jun 28, 2012


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Azurite and Turquoise in Sterling Setting

“Organic conquers Geometric”   AZURITE and TURQUOISE BROOCH/PENDANT crafted in Cancun to Silvercloud’s design

I really enjoyed the Yucatan for many reasons; its beautiful sand beaches, its awesome Mayan architecture and cultural centers and the wonderful Mexican people who made our stays so memorable. But I must confess, I mostly miss the gratifying experience of designing a piece of jewelry and having it finished, and very professionally crafted, in two days time!  Usually it takes so long to bring a creative vision to life; for instance, when I want to choose Opals, I have to contact my source in Mexico and request a digital image of what may match my vision and have them sent to me for approval. The Internet does make that easier but image color can not be relied on. Then of course the stones not chosen must be insured and sent back. So cumbersome!

I brought the casting with me to Cancun, hoping to find a stone to go with it, making a brooch that could also be worn as a pendant.  Look what I found!  The artisan I have come to trust sat with me as I drew my design, adding a bezel to hold the gorgeous stone securely.  Then when I told him I wanted whoever purchased the piece to have another option as to how to wear it, he added the necessary piece in back to convert it to a pendant.

I particularly like the way the organic natural shape in the Sterling seems to be overcoming the geometric other shapes, connecting them and also resonating with the shapes in the two naturally blended gemstones that are captured in this Sterling setting.  Notice how, when this stone was formed long ago, the pale Turquoise melted into the blue Azurite, resulting in a darker blue border.  It would take a mineralogist to say why the two together make a dark blue Lapis-like color, but that is what seems to have happened.                                                                Theories, anyone?                                                                                                                                                           Silvercloud


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