Why Be Content with Just a Necklace?

Jan 27, 2013


In:Design Process, Jewelry

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Autumn Medley Torsade

Why be content with just a necklace I mused as I looked at the “finished” piece, when I was pretty sure I had a big Jaspar cabochon that had most of the colors of the necklace in it (I had bought it decades before, knowing I’d find the right place for it one day) – it would be a great accent/pendant. I did find it, and when I fit it into its bezel and held it right next to the necklace, the colors were as good a match as I had hoped.

But it seemed to need its own space, to “make its own statement”, not crowded up next to the necklace. Thus began an experiment into a new area for me, to make a hanger from what I had on hand (I couldn’t wait and shop for a ready-made). So I took two French earwires, shaped them into a hanger, made a collar of Carnelian chips for the bezel, dangled the stone from the necklace and was truly finished. (It can easily be taken off though, if it doesn’t fit the neckline or the occasion.)  Enjoy!         Silvercloud

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