Mao, then Nixon, and how that got me started



When Mao took over China, the determined destruction of past cultural reminders drove Chinese citizens to protect beautiful objects and/or prized possessions by hiding them in the many caves in their country.  Later, after Nixon traveled to China to open trade talks with Mao, it then became safe for the people to retrieve the hidden treasures, and offer some for sale.  I had the opportunity to buy several such gemstone imports; one an exquisite heart-shaped White Opal, carved front and back; two carved Carnelian cartouches; two large incised Jades; and fourteen smaller carved Jade pendants and ornaments.

Some of the resulting  jewelry is listed here and shown in  the Galleries on my Home Page:

       1.   Carved Opal Heart, with Aquamarine* and Freshwater Pearls, 26”.

       2. Carved Carnelian Cartouche with Aquamarine* and both African and Chinese Carnelian beads, 17.5” with earrings.

       3.  Jade Drops with Aventurine, 23” w/Bracelets.

       4.  Jade, incised with fruit branch motif, with Aventurine and two Baltic Amber beads to echo the color where iron oxide had entered the jade before it was mined or while it was hidden in a cave, 23” with 8” bracelet.  Handknotted

       5. Jade Ornament and Aventurine necklace sets handknotted, one with African Carnelian beads, 25”, one with a 7” bracelet.

       6.  Jade Peach carved in 3D, with Jade beads, 23”. Handknotted

       7.   Imperial Jade Disk, with Moonstone, Garnets & Pearls, 23”.

       8.  Rose Quartz carved Peach, with Aventurine and Rose Quartz and beads, 19”,  with  7” bracelet.  Handknotted.

                    1.$1895      2.$250      3. $297      4.$375      5. $400      6. $266      7. $325      8. $272          

         *I was not told when I purchased and used this Aquamarine many years ago, if it had been enhanced.  Not all dealers, even today, disclose whether stones have been treated or not.  Since the color of these stones is so perfect, I now suspect they may have been.  So do not expose them to UV or moisture, if possible.       Silvercloud



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