A Perfect Drop of Rainbow



This ring was my first use of Opal. Once I saw this gemstone, so perfectly resembling a drop of a rainbow lying in the case where my friend, H. kept loose stones, I knew I could design a setting that would hold it securely without prongs. Opals are softer than most gemstones and need protection. But to put a bezel (fence) all around it would cut out some of the light it needed to show its wonderful play of colors. I drew a partial bezel in the design to be used by the silversmith and I think you will agree, it worked!

I really enjoyed the Yucatan for many reasons; its beautiful sand beaches, its awesome Mayan architecture and cultural centers and the wonderful Mexican people who made our stays so memorable. But I must say, I miss the immensely gratifying experience of designing a piece of jewelry and having it finished, and very professionally crafted, in two days time.

Usually it takes so long to bring a creative vision to life! Today, when I want to choose Opals, I have to contact my source in Mexico and request an image of what may be available and have the stones sent to me for approval. The Internet does make that easier but image color can not be relied on. Then of course the stones not chosen must be insured and sent back. So cumbersome!

And then comes the lead time necessary when a casting is called for (hoping the caster does not have a backlog of work ahead of mine): sending a new design to have the caster make a mold of it and send the wax replica to me for modification/ approval. After I return the model, the caster produces the design in gold or sterling and sends the rough casting to me to be sanded and polished. More delay. I have suggested that a person who wants a particular piece for a specific occasion allow plenty of time for it to be fabricated and finished. I have tried to state that stipulation in the description of any such cast design. My inventory is limited to one of any particular piece of work and when that is sold, it takes time to make another.



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