Amazonite and Amethyst


24.5 ” Necklace and Earrings


An alternation of Amazonite and Amethyst sets the rhythm of 1-2, 1-2, 1-2, while the variation of size and shape in the Amethyst adds the counterpoint.

Round Amethyst beads appear in several sizes throughout the necklace, ranging from tiny 2mm to 6mm and can be seen together in the earrings. The angular Amethyst arrowheads plus the curved lines of the Zuni bears and the unusual chevron nuggets make an otherwise predictable design more interesting as they take turns appearing around the necklace. They also serve to bring the eye along the perimeter of the piece, which has a bit of Native American appeal in its use of motifs.

Both these stones are found and probably mined in Brazil.


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