Antique Carved Opal 3D Heart with Aquamarine


26” Necklace of Rare Carved Opal


This opal is truly beautiful. It is white, carved front and back with the design flowing continuously around it. Those characteristics would be enough to qualify it as beautiful. What makes it even more exciting to me is the soft fire that glows within as it is moved. The photographer, after several attempts to capture more of the “fire”, told me that while the camera doesn’t lie, “It can’t see all that the human eye can distinguish”.

There may be other such carved opals, of course – there were no others at the gem importer’s shop. I believe it is rare, at the very least. But this didn’t even occur to me when I first saw it. I was instantly captivated. All else was irrelevant.

This may be a One-and-Only creation; I recently went back to the showroom of the importer where I found this carved opal.  The carvings that were there now were no where as skillfully carved and were not appealing to me.  Perhaps they were contemporary and my heart was made during a much earlier time.  At any rate, even the new ones were over a thousand dollars!

To date, none of my daughters and granddaughters have expressed delight when they saw it. So I do offer it for sale but I believe I will be a bit sad when it is gone. However, I am glad that I get to know who the new owner is, something its previous owner was denied. Please excuse my open emotion shared here. I hope you are not offended. Seems I get attached to some beauties, right?

The handknotted Aquamarine* necklace, though lovely, that supports the heart is only a convenience in my opinion. The Sea and the Earth are both represented here since I added Rice Pearls to repeat the white of the heart. The colors are quiet, letting the opal heart sing its siren song.



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