Antique Jade, Amber, and Aventurine

Antique Jade, Amber, and Aventurine


23” Necklace and Earring Set w/7¾” Bracelet

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Product Description

The 3 by 2½ Jade focal point of this piece has an incised design of fruit and foliage. I don’t know what this berry signifies but since Jade is not easily carved, I assume it is good. There are four Chinese characters on the reverse which all my Chinese contacts have said they believe to be ancient writing which they are unable to read. However, they also probably bode good of four kinds for the wearer. The necklace slides over the head (no bothering with clasps) and the bracelet is fitted with a magnetic clasp (bracelets are hard for any one person to close).

This is one of several pieces I acquired from an importer. One of them I have saved for myself since I strung it with handcut Malachite one of my daughters brought back from Africa when she served there for two summers. It represents something special to her and me, so we will probably keep it in the family.

The jewelry I make is not made of plated metals nor plastic. While I may very occasionally use pewter or glass beads, I will always say so. My work is designed to be passed down to others who do and will enjoy Nature’s Beauty.


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