Antique Jade Drops and Aventurine

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23” Necklace and Earrings with 7½” Bracelet


Four Jade drops, carved front and back, adorn this “slip over your head” necklace with one drop on the bracelet. This set was done early when I began designing jewelry. My large woven art pieces were hard for me to hang in the museum and gallery settings that had selected them, so I switched to a smaller medium. This piece was made when I was still handknotting my bead necklaces on silk and using spring clasps. I had recently made a necklace for a woman who lived with Multiple Sclerosis and we had decided to make it so she could put it on by herself over her head. (please see Blog). I have decided to do that now whenever it fits in with the design I am working on. This bracelet was also before magnetic clasps were available so it is not so easy to fasten. My apologies.

The earrings are equipped with leverback hinged ear loops so they won’t get loose and be lost. That improvement was available. I’ll bet you have lost a few earrings on French or Shepherds hooks, I know I have. I wanted to offer the Eurohinge feature in my work. Later I found the tiny pierced rubber safeties that slip onto earwires and hide behind the ear, so now I use either.

This bit of history may be boring to some, but there are those who have been interested in my development as a jewelry designer. And the process continues – I am always discovering new ways to improve my pieces for those who may choose to wear them and I am open to suggestions.

1 review for Antique Jade Drops and Aventurine

  1. H.Booth

    I am enjoying the “ancient” feel of this design and the simple beauty of the beads and the gorgeous drop stones.

    • Silvercloud

      I’m pleased that I properly captured the feel of ancientness in this design – the Jade drops are at least 100 years old, but the Aventurine not so. Speaking of ‘feel’, the tactile sense of the Jade is wonderful. Thank you for understanding and describing my work so well.

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