Azurite and Turquoise in Sterling Setting

Azurite and Turquoise in Sterling Setting


2 x 2½ inches

Product Description

Ah, Cancun. How wonderful it was to take some castings and gemstones with me to Mexico, show them to the man in my favorite store, carefully draw what I wanted done and come back to find them beautifully executed a few days later. The first of these three brooches was done in that manner.

I like the way the organic natural shape in the Sterling seems to be overcoming the geometric shapes, connecting them and also connecting visually with the shapes in the two naturally blended gemstones that are captured in the Sterling setting. Notice where the blue Azurite has a darker blue around each occurrence, it is where the turquoise has touched it, combining to create that third color. I wish I knew enough about their chemical structures to know if that is Lapis or not. I satisfy myself by noting its beautiful deep blue.


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