Baroque Peacock Pearls and Pearl Sticks

2 Necklaces, 24”& 20” with Earrings, one with 8” Bracelet

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I must admit to being fascinated with the variety of shapes of pearls available now. That seems such a contradiction because I also want to use only pearls that are natural, grown without the intervention of humans and colored only by minerals in the water where they grew. However, such natural pearls are basically round and don’t contribute much variety to a design, other than size. I DO prefer baroque natural pearls for my own use but can’t seem to find many ways to integrate them into my designs (if you have an idea for a piece for yourself, let me know). See below for two designs that are purely baroque.

Another confession: the irresistible attraction iridescence of any kind has for me. I love iridescent glazes on ceramic. I can’t get enough of the Art Nouveau glass that shimmers with the rainbow colors of motor oil on water in the street. Paua shell and even a pearlescent abalone shell fascinate me. So imagine how I reacted to the peacock colored dyed pearls! Right; I reveled in them. How can that be? I, who despise the dyeing of gemstones and consistently avoid dyed pearls PERIOD, even though they might be good in a particular design. Iridescence trumps aversion, I guess. Here are two interpretations of iridescence, one with white pearls that are definitely NOT round nor natural.

Set 1: “Beautifully Baroque”- One color in two sizes and shapes. $224
Set 2:  Contrasting dark with light; round with oval and even more elongated “sticks” plus Mother of Pearl flower shaped accent. $365

One last confession: Since I am fascinated with unusual shapes that lend variety to my creations, I have bought some weird ones to challenge myself. I’ll be interested to see the results. LATER: Please see Silvery Sticks, Chrysalis and Bronze Bullets.

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Set #1 Beautifully Baroque, Set #2 Contrasting Dark/Light


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