Carnelian, Red Jaspar and Freshwater Pearl

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25” Gemstone Necklace (Egyptian Collar) and Earrings


Carnelian is a quartzite gemstone that has been used for several thousands of years in jewelry. Its color ranges from this rich African hue to a lighter, more orangish Asian shade. The jasper, also a quartz-based stone, was mined in the United States. The pearls are Asian.

The forty graduated rectangles are called an Egyptian collar, recalling to mind jewelry depicted on queens of Egypt. I chose to contrast opaque Red Jaspar with translucent Carnelian, to add visual interest to a piece that is mostly monochromatic, and used the four freshwater pearls as an accent. I made it long enough to slip over your head so as to not interrupt the design with a clasp. Now it can lie like an objet d’art on your dressing table if you wish. A bracelet could be made to match, if desired.

This is the second Egyptian Collar I have made (please see Lapis Lazuli and Azurite). Though there are more stones in this one, they are much less expensive than Lapis and Azurite.

If this exotic look appeals to you, there are several 13 and 40 piece sets to choose from pictured here. If one especially attracts you, tell me what color you would like to have put with it for a necklace (please see Custom Design page). Most are in the same cost category as this one or less.

1 review for Carnelian, Red Jaspar and Freshwater Pearl

  1. H.Booth

    Beautifully conceived, and dramatic design elements. The stones are the stars of this show.

    • Silvercloud

      Thanks! It IS dramatic and I can see it filling a deep plunging neckline. But it would make a strong statement over a simple blouse/business suit combination, too, don’t you think? What would it say, I wonder.

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