Castings: Two Rings and Three Pins (two pictured elsewhere)

Designed by Silvercloud, cast elsewhere; expect 6 week delay. Silver @ $24/oz


1. Ribbon Kelp Ring – Imagine with me, listening to gentle waves coming ashore.    Of course, this kelp doesn’t grow everywhere, so you might as well imagine yourself in Malibu or Santa Barbara, OK?  Perhaps there was a storm last night and you now playfully pick up a strand of ribbon kelp, washed up on today’s quiet beach.  You begin to wrap it around your finger, then back and forth on top.  Now you imagine that, magically, it turns into Sterling Silver.  What a souvenir!!     $205   Sterling @ 20 per oz.

2. Ribbon Kelp Pin – For this design, I imagined a small piece of kelp, held on edge while folding it. Please note the 10x8mm cabochon held in its folds. It is Eilat, found in Israel in what was called King Solomon’s Mine and just now beginning to be mined and hopefully imported again.  $295 @ $20 oz. Silver

3. Trumpet Blossom with 10mm Pearl (at bottom) – This time I imagined wrapping a Trumpet Vine flower around my finger. I could have placed any gemstone or even a Swarovski crystal bead in its throat but I had this large pearl that would be protected here, which pearls do need.  $245 @ $20 per oz. Silver

4.  Silver Sails – (see “Process” in Jewelry Category on Home Page Menu) – I delight in sailing. For my birthday one year, my husband bought a membership at the Charles River Club in Boston. I think that is what inspired this.  $210 @ $20 per oz. Silver

5.  Sea Urchin Fragment(Please see “Process” as above) The Sterling piece and Ammonite do not show well in this photo. So imagine it, if you will, with a 30x40mm cabochon of Mahogany Jaspar or Crazy Lace Agate, or to emphasize its ocean origins, an iridescent Paua shell or a cool translucent green Aventurine.  $170 @ $20  per oz. Silver

Steps in Casting                                                                                                                                                                Let me explain about the lead time necessary when casting is called for (assuming the caster does not have a backlog of work ahead of mine):

  1. Sending a design (wax model) to have the caster…
  2. Make a mold of it and mail the wax replica back to me for approval.
  3. After I return the model, the caster produces the design in gold or sterling
  4. The caster sends the rough casting to me to be sanded and polished.

Two round trips! I do suggest that if a particular piece is desired for a specific occasion, allowing plenty of time for it to be fabricated and finished is crucial. I have tried to state that stipulation in the description of all cast designs. My inventory is limited to one of any particular piece of work and when that is sold, it takes time to make another.


Additional information


Set #4: Silver Sails – $210, Set #5: Sea Urchin Fragment – $170, Set #2: Ribbon Kelp Pin – $295, Set #1: Ribbon Kelp Ring – $205, Set #3: Trumpet Blossom with 10 mm Pearl – $245


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