“Cresting Wave” – Sterling Silver Bracelet Prototype

Not For Sale


This piece was never intended as a bracelet really. Oh, I suppose someone with a 10” wrist could make the heavy part stay on top, but it would only dangle on the rest of us.

I had seen the Call for Entries for a jewelry exhibit with an ocean theme. I had a beautiful translucent green chalcedony rock about 5” high and 15” around at its base. If I made a wave to go atop it, it would be a great concept piece, I thought.

With high hopes, I soldered two bezels for the Jade and Aventurine, made and attached the Sterling “foam”. Then I took a long piece of Sterling wire, bent it in half, hammered it lightly, forged the end for it to stand on. All that remained was to join/solder them all together and glue the piece to the rock.

It was not accepted, of course; I had only rudimentary skills. I am a bit embarrassed as I think about how naive I was. It was my first time to enter an exhibit – what did I know? Anyway, it’s a beautiful ancestor of several bracelets with Abalone or Paua shell I have made for friends. So there!

Not For Sale.


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