Druzy Agate Pendant



This gemstone quality Geode slice had no drilled holes but seemed to add a bit of panache to the Botswana strands, so I either had to have it drilled or devise a hanger for it. I had recently seen the astonishing wire-wrapped jewelry of an extraordinary artist and was inspired to try a very basic experiment with some Sterling wire I had. The result solved my problem, securely held the pendant but was removable if a more casual look was desired or if it was needed to dress up another piece of jewelry.

The word Druzy is becoming more familiar to the public interested in purchasing unusual jewelry. It refers to the crystals forming, usually on a silicate based stone. The rare stone in the piece Silvercloud’s Creation – Druzy Chrysochalcedony is an example of fine grained crystals starting to form on a very unusual naturally occurring mixture of two chemically different stones.

However, on this Geode piece/slice, the crystals had a much longer time to grow and thus: the pure Quartz Agate crystals adorning the edge of this removable pendant. Moving our entranced gaze upward (actually toward the outside of the original geode) we see an irregular line of white and translucent quartz followed by the tiny black dots. We are tracing the history of the geode as it filled with mineralized water which evaporated, laying a thin layer of color etc. To make this piece even more unusual is the fact that geodes are almost always round – this one had a rather large indentation as evidenced by the irregular line of agate inside.

Even rarer are the black Dendrites that formed first and serve to ornament the pendant. There may be a few more slices from this particular geode, but I can safely say there are no others that combine such features as this one. It is a One-and-Only.


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