Druzy Chrysochalcedony in Sterling Matrix

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The word druzy means the stone is covered with minature crystals. Only a small percentage of stones are druzy, needing a very particular set of circumstances to form at all. Chrysocola is composed of beautiful opaque greens and blues; chalcedony is translucent at its best. So to find the two perfectly mixed is quite rare and to find it druzy is even more so. I have insured it at $1200 because if I could find another it would sell for that. But it wouldn’t likely fit into the sterling setting I designed for this one.

So, this is the “One-and-Only” – more than unique and one-of-a-kind, as often used these days to mean an item that is a not exactly like, perhaps little different from, another (but a lot like it, to tell the truth). I show it only to help you imagine how another gemstone might look with this Sterling setting. It was formed by a method I devised, to look like a silver nugget hold-ing a gemstone. The piece may be worn as a brooch or hanging suspended like a pendant. It was made to accommodate any 30mm x 40mm cabochon. I have a number of them to choose from: Abalone, Aventurine, Blue Crazy Lace, Brecciated Jasp-ar, Mahogany Obsidian, Malachite, Paua, Picture Jaspar, Onyx, Snow Flake Obsidian, Tiger’s Eye etc. If there is a stone you like that is not in my collection, I would gladly order it for you and place it in this setting (please see Treasured Stones page to learn more about your choices).

1 review for Druzy Chrysochalcedony in Sterling Matrix

  1. Fran

    You have so many beautiful pieces, but this one is my favorite. You are so talented!

    • Silvercloud

      Fran, Thank you for the review. If you read the story that I wrote for this piece, you know you have voted for one of the rarest stones in nature. The brooch is also available with many options for semi-precious stone to fit into this setting.

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