Fireworks Jaspar – Two Variations with Pendants

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Fireworks Jaspar is known to mineralogists and rock hounds as Astrophylite – for shooting stars?) The array of colors expands to more than just the black or white seen in Botswana Agate (see link). Here the background color is the deepest black, with no variation. But the light color that contrasts with that will vary between palest cream to pistachio and from a lot to very little.

Let me just say this: I have discovered that I may be a little Obsessive-Compulsive. Since my husband passed away, I don’t have a scheduled time to eat or sleep or clean house. So guess where I spent my days in June. You’re right; I binged out with the Fireworks Jaspar (only found worldwide near Pike’s Peak) in my muffin pan.

Day after glorious day, I tried to match the stones in my muffin collection with those gemstones (sorted by color) residing in my big square rattan box (its former use was as an ottoman). I do not rate all the resulting matches as equally successful, but when you are in a beading frenzy there is no time to search online for better gemstones; and the colors there can’t to be trusted anyway.

These sets both use only oval shaped Jaspar, the usual 8x10mm plus the 30x40mm Pendants and as usual, Onyx rounds in several sizes.

Set#10 used two additional stones: Peace Jaspar, which is a gentle swirl of cream, celadon green with an occasional glimpse of pink, and translucent Chalcedony, to vary the opaque stones in the rest of the piece. Note the streak that crosses the large Pendant stone – is it a stray firework or maybe even a shooting star? 19” $212

Set#3 has the usual Jaspar and Onyx but is joined this time by 8mm ceramic beads with a lovely celadon glaze. The Jasper selected to pair with them are the oval that show the most “light” from the fireworks 25″ $178

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Set #10, Set #3


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