Fireworks Jaspar with Onyx Chevrons

Fireworks Jaspar with Onyx Chevrons



Product Description

As with any stone, there is a broad range of differences among the individual beads, yet enough similarities remain that we know they are of the same classification. Kind of like people or giraffes or fish or what have you, right? With Botswana Agate, (see the link) these are basically white or crystal and black (slightly shaded toward very dark brown sometimes).

Well, with Fireworks Jaspar (known to mineralogists and rock hounds as Astrophylite–for shooting stars?), the array of colors expands to more than just black or white. The background color is the deepest black, with no variation. But the light color that contrasts with that will vary between cream to pistachio and from a lot to very little.

In this set, the round and angular beads balance each other and lead naturally to the long rectangular pendant – a perfect choice for the woman who likes geometric shapes. However, the Obsidian Chevrons need care not to hit hard surfaces (but they are easily restored if they happen to break – just keep the Superglue handy).


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