Lodolite, Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite


20” Gemstone Necklace, Earrings and 8” Bracelet


Pink and round is the unifying theme of this jewelry set. Contrast of size is what gives it variety. The round, faintly pink 18mm Quartz (Rock Crystal) all have evidence that they are not glass; ivory-colored wisps can be seen floating in most of them. Lodolite is mined only in Brazil. It usually has very interesting included shapes, large and brown; which makes it even rarer to find clear gemstones of this size (I also have large pale chartreuse Lodolite beads I plan to use soon with Olive Jade).

The Rose Quartz is slightly pinker and not as transparent, and the tiny Rhodochrosite beads used to separate them are pinker still. While RQ is mined in many countries and is a hardness of Mohs 7, Rhodochrosite comes principally from stalactitic formations and is only a very soft 4 (please see Treasured Stones), so I nestled it safely here between the quartz. I do not know where these 2mm beads were mined, but some as pale as these are found forming in a few pre-Columbian silver mines in Peru. I thought darker pink would not be subtle enough for this design and hope you agree. I did use some darker ones in the set, Peace Jaspar, Rhodocrosite and Shell.

Please note the unusual location of the featured Lodolite bead in the bracelet. Have you ever been frustrated when the accent piece on your bracelet (which is heavier than the rest) kept pulling the clasp (usually the least interesting part of a bracelet) around to the “thumb” side of your wrist? I have, so I placed the large bead nearer the clasp, so the clasp will remain on the back of the wrist where a clasp should stay, even one as lovely and graceful as this.


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