Mexican Fire Agate with Citrine - Two Variations

Mexican Fire Agate with Citrine – Two Variations


20” and 21” Gemstone Necklace and Earrings Sets. Variations with Peruvian Opal or Amethyst.

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These are sometimes called Fire Opals but those are rarer, all one color and more expensive. As you probably know by now, if you’ve read very many of my pages, I much prefer a stone that “paints a picture”. So, that means I enjoy making jewelry with interesting colors and patterns. Sometimes I sit looking at a bead, especially Rhyolite, almost entering into the swirling shapes, entranced with its natural abstraction.

These two jewelry sets were made from two strands. They were a bit more than I like to pay per strand but they were so unusual I wanted to try them. Usually I get only one strand of a gemstone bead thus making sure there will be only a one of that kind jewelry set. In this case, when I got them home I saw that some were more lavender and some more orangish. So I sorted the two strands by predominant color and found to my delight that there was enough of each for a necklace and earrings.

To the group that showed more orange, I added the Peruvian Opal and Citrine. To the other were added Amethyst and Citrine, all from South America. I hope this unusual gemstone from Mexico fascinates you and gives you as much pleasure as it does me.

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Set #1: With Peruvian Opal, Set #2: With Amethyst


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