Onyx with Rock Crystal (Black and White)

Onyx with Rock Crystal and Howlite


23” Gemstone Necklace and Earrings

Product Description

Every element in this jewelry design, be it white, black or crystal, is rectangular separated by cylinders except for the three round Howlite accent beads and their small round black Onyx companions. What would be a rather predictable composition is enlivened by the sparkling glint of transparency.  For variety, it can be added to other strands such as pearls, rock crystal chip strands or shaped onyx beads etc.

This design is another example of when beads that are highly contrasting, here: opaque versus transparent, black versus white and round versus tubular and square, can successfully be unified. However, for such a small piece, the designing took an amazingly long 6+ hours and several restringings.

You will also note that since it is 23″ long, it slips over the head, making a troublesome (that is, unless you have an attentive companion to lovingly fasten it for you) clasp unnecessary.


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