Pewter Beads, Hematite, Agate & Rock Crystal with hand fashioned Sterling fasteners


26” Necklace and Earrings with 8.5” Bracelet


This necklace represents one of the very few instances when I have used any non-precious metal. Some years ago, I saw some interesting pewter beads. On a whim, I got a few but couldn’t find a use for them till now.

Recently, I decided to get the faceted agate beads because the inclusion of some black or brown was proof I hadn’t used plain glass, but I didn’t know it would be so hard to find companions for them. Finally I settled for the smooth Hematite and the Rock Crystal rondelles but the design was still rather uninteresting to me. During the search of my “ottoman” collection (please read Fireworks Jaspar – 3rd paragraph), I had seen the small plastic box with pewter beads from so long ago. Thinking the gray color, their unusual design and matt finish might give some variety of texture and shape to the work, yet fit in with its neutral colors, I tried a few.

When the basic piece was finished, I thought it needed still more of the clear quartz but “How to add it? was the next design problem. I knew I didn’t need more around the back of the neck so I came up with a way to lay in a partial strand without the usual complicated interruptions to the design. Also, the tiny Hematite beads echo the large ones and complete the piece. What fun I had!

Being in an experimental mood, I decided to try making a custom clasp for the necklace. After several attempts, I made one with Sterling wire to which I could add a faceted Agate and which would be easy to connect by oneself. I plan to do this more often now (please see the bracelet!).

By the way, both the translucent Agates and the clear Rock Crystal are forms of Quartz and are found throughout the world. For more such lore of stones, you may wish to link to Treasured Stones.


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