Rose Quartz Carved Peach and Aventurine


19” Necklace and Earrings, with 7½” Bracelet


Peaches were thought by ancient Chinese to be the special food for the Immortal Beings and so came to symbolize a long life. This Rose Quartz peach is carved front and back from a solid piece of pink rock crystal. The lines seen in the piece are where the crystals grew together. It has withstood the intense pressure of cutting and polishing so it isn’t fragile. However, normal care is necessary for any stone so that it not drop onto a ceramic tile floor or in the case of a bracelet, hitting against a stone countertop, for example. If it were to hit something hard enough, there is always a slight chance of breaking.  In that case, it probably would not shatter. The clean break could easily be repaired invisibly with your favorite brand of instant glue. Or send it back to me and I will do that for you.


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