Rose Quartz, Pearls and Aventurine

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20” Necklace and Earrings using Argentium Sterling


This piece is another in which elements from the Earth join some from the Sea, to my delight. When I bought the Rose Quartz briolettes, I was quite fortunate; the baroque pearls were in that same salesroom, which made the designing of this piece easy. All I had to do is decide what other color to use, what size and whether dark or pastel. Later I had the offer of a few large briolettes in R. Q. which fit rather well with the ones I had purchased with the pearls. The Argentium bail used here to suspend one of them is virtually tarnish proof. The earrings also use Argentium so they will stay bright and shiny even with the extra handling earrings inevitably get. I decided this year to use the more expensive Argentium to make the earrings in my work, to spare wearers the trouble of polishing them so frequently. At present with the price of silver at $34 per oz., just the components in these earrings cost $36, so I may have to reconsider my decision.

2 reviews for Rose Quartz, Pearls and Aventurine

  1. H.Booth

    I am immediately drawn to the delightfully soft pastel pink and the lusterously rich pearls side by side competing for my attention.

    • Silvercloud

      Thanks for the oh-so-descriptive review of this set. Two voters on FB chose it as their Favorite, but no one wrote so deliciously about it!!!

  2. Melody Hughes

    I’m a small and delicate person and to me this piece speaks softness and delicacy. I’m attracted to that in jewelry. This by far is my favorite piece.

    • Silvercloud

      Melody, your encouraging words are appreciated! And it helps me know better what appeals to others. Thank you……..

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