Rose Quartz using Three Angular Accent Pieces


21.5” Gemstone Necklace, 7.5” Bracelet and Earrings


Quartz is the most abundant stone on Earth and displays itself in an unbelievable variety of patterns, opacity and colors. It has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs Scale of 1 to 10 (please see Treasured Stones link). Rose Quartz in its natural state is usually this delicate pink. It is sometimes dyed, but usually with such a poor outcome that even an inexperienced eye will reject the resulting beads.

This necklace features a 2‘’ x 3‘’ geometrically carved accent whose angles are echoed in a pair of smaller shaped stones, which help to integrate the large stone with the rest of the necklace. It took me several years to find them so I could finish the jewelry set. Without them, the mass of the accent stone was too much for the size of the rounded beads that made up the rest of the piece.

As you will see, there are lines in the large accent. That shows where the component crystals grew together into a mass large enough to make this piece. It is, therefore, a strong bond and has withstood the all stresses of sawing, shaping, drilling and polishing.


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