Russian Serpentine, British Columbia Jade and Aventurine

Russian Serpentine, British Columbia Jade and Aventurine


20” Gemstone Necklace and Earrings

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Green and more green – not much variety there. Oh sure, there is some difference in the hue and pattern of the two gemstones, but this piece relies on the variation of their sizes and the 6mm round beads to keep it interesting. The larger pillow-shaped Serpentine was available in only one size so I had to try to find smaller stones that were compatible, in order to make earrings that wouldn’t be too heavy or too “clunky”. That turned out to be a good thing, because all one size and all one color would be so boring no one would want to wear it. But, it did take a while to find the small British Columbian Jade pillows to complete the piece of jewelry.

I have noticed I am most creative when my choices are limited by what is available, in cooking and in other arts. Too much of a component and I get lazy, my work stale. Improvisation is delightful to me, rising to a challenge keeps me refreshed. And I do believe that is what helps me to be patient when a piece has to wait till I can find what is needed to bring it to a satisfactory completion. And what a payback! That profound pleasure and joy makes the wait worthwhile.

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  1. H.Booth
    4 out of 5

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    LOVE the earthy colors, so rich and natural.

    • Silvercloud

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      Thank you. If you have read ‘A Profound Question’ (in the Jewelry category on the Home page Menu), you will understand why stones hold such an attraction for me: “…the stones represent to me a personal, tangible connection to the vanishing solace and inspiration of Nature.”

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