Russian Serpentine, Peridot Crystal and British Columbian Jade

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22” Gemstone Necklace and Earrings


Large chunky Russian Serpentine (far eastern Russia) and much smaller British Columbian Jade rounds join with Peridot Crystal to balance faceted with smooth and opaque with transparent. The price was extremely low for pieces pf Peridot this large, even if they had had fracture lines. Could they be real? The color IS perfectly Peridot, I told myself, and upon close examination at home, I noticed that there was a slight cupping on a few facets. Also, there were no mold marks and no two were exactly the same size. Even my gem-expert friend was not certain if it is real Peridot or a very good imitation. So I DiD use it in this jewelry because it brings light to an otherwise dark work and its variation in size is vital to bridge between the big beads and small ones.

1 review for Russian Serpentine, Peridot Crystal and British Columbian Jade

  1. H.Booth

    absolutely my favorite!! brings the natural earth textures and tantalizing brilliance of intense green crystals together perfectly

    • Silvercloud

      That contrast and harmony is what I was aiming for – glad it worked for you. Thanks!

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