Seafoam Chalcedony, Fluorite & Stick Pearls


20” Necklace with Earrings and 8” Bracelet


After the press of finishing five sets of jewelry before the final appointment with the photographer, I decided it was at last time to put my work table back in order. As I looked at the remains of three of the sets, I began to see how the iridescent colors of the stick pearls laying there would look good next to some multi-colored transparent Fluorite of the same hues in my collection.

I had some Chalcedony ready to be put away so I decided to try putting a few with the two gemstones I had already seen together in my mind. Yes! Its wonderful translucence gave balance to the opaque and transparent others.

This is a more casual look than the other more elegant “Seafoam” piece. I’m always pleased when I can present a stone in more than one “look”, showing its versatility. And by combining a few very costly Chalcedony with less expensive elements, I can charge less for a set that includes the alluring, glowing and rare gemstone (please see “Seafoam” Chalcedony and Pearls for more about it). You will note the one large stone in the bracelet is located closer to the clasp on one side that the other (please see Lodolite, Rose Quartz and Rhodocrosite on the “Treasured Stones” page for the explanation of why and its benefit).


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