Turquoise Demi-Double Necklace

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These stones came from the Kingman Mine and there is an interesting story that goes with them.

Some time ago while my husband was alive, we made a scenic loop, starting in Vegas to check on an ailing aunt. We went first to Zion and Bryce National Parks in Utah. Since the roads to the north rim of The Canyon were closed due to snow, we took the long way ‘round and saw some wonderful sights I’m glad we didn’t miss. Not wanting to turn this into a travelogue, let me tell you what happened when we arrived in Kingman, Arizona. We drove into the parking lot of the store that sold turquoise from the Kingman Mine and I was astounded when I stepped out of the car. I was standing on very tiny azure chips left over from the rounding off of beads. The lot was paved with turquoise!!! These days, of course, such chips are saved and made into reconstituted stones; but it was a taste of heaven for me.

When I got the strands of random shapes home, I began to sort them, as I always do when I have a lot of stones with variations of shape, size, pattern or color. (Please see the Botswana Agate or the Fireworks Jaspar link – all the same stone but with different interpretations.) The stones that were most rounded were chosen to rest on the neck of the wearer, so the weight of the many other stones would not be uncomfortable. Each category of remaining stones was placed in graduated sizes. A strand of the “nugget” stones and one of flat stones were then added to those selected to be at the back of the neck. No clasp seemed worthy of the composition, nor was one necessary if I made it long enough to slip over the head. In this way, the piece seems to me to be an homage to ancient jewelry makers’ work.

Price: Not For Sale. However other Turquoise shapes and stones pictured here are available. They are all authetic natural Turquoise which is getting hard to find at any price.  That is why people are having to settle for imitations, such as dyed Howlite and so-called Yellow Turquoise.  Please contact Beth , if you wish more information.

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  1. Lorraine D. Snyder

    This is so beautiful. I have one similar and always get compliments on it.

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