Spring Medley Torsade or Three Separate Necklaces with Earrings

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25” Necklaces and Earrings


These three necklaces began when I discovered an antique glass necklace with 7 beautiful baroque beads. Only rarely do I depart from my decision to use precious metals and undyed semi-precious stones. I suppose it was the shimmer and opalescence of some of the beads that were singing a siren song to me. But I didn’t plan to wear my find – I wanted to design jewelry around them, to hopefully keep them close to each other. I also salvaged the original bead caps when possible, though they were only gold-plated. The works that resulted are listed below and can be worn separately or together.  All are hand-knotted on silk and have 14K GF 8mm fluted beads and bead clasps.

Set #1: Baroque Natural Pearls and Swarovski crystals
Set #2: Zambian Amethyst and Swarovski crystals
Set #3: Amazonite and Swarovski crystals

When they are worn torsade, whether in twos or threes, the Aurora Swarovski teardrops on the first necklace listed may be tucked out of sight if they seem to mar the effect desired or even rotated to show in the back. If all three bead clasps are together on the back of the neck and seem uncomfortable, the Amazonite strand can be rotated without spoiling the look. Please note that the placement of all the metal and crystal accents were carefully designed so they occur at different locations when the necklaces are worn with each other, whether they are twisted together or not.

(I have decided to keep the original antique beads together and not sell the three necklaces separately. Besides, it was my first effort at hand knotting and it is not as evenly done as I desire, so I don’t like to sell them.)

Price: $1022 plus restringing @ $2 per inch. Please contact Beth for more information or to place your order.

1 review for Spring Medley Torsade or Three Separate Necklaces with Earrings

  1. Suzi Fowler

    Your decision to use the antique glass beads was an excellent choice. These three necklaces are spectacular as are your choices. I love your work. Simple but elegant. Captures mother earth perfectly.

    • Silvercloud

      Oh Suzi; I appreciate your encouragement and your excellent review. I’m glad you read the story of this design. A huge thank you to you!

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