Jewelry Casting

PICTURED SEQUENCE: Wax model, Cast design, Finished work

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[space]Pictured from top to bottom:

  1. Organic Sterling Matrx for 30x40mm stone, Ribbon Kelp Ring, Blossom Ring w/ 9mm Pearl and  two Organic style rings
  2. Silver Sails (no wax model shown but golden design is shown)
  3. Ribbon Kelp Pin and Sea Urchin Fragment with Ammonite (Ancient Nautilus)
  4. Mountain Moon (the first of the Sierra Series) and cast setting for Ammonite (Ancient Nautilus)


Steps in Casting                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Let me explain about the lead time necessary when casting is called for (assuming the caster does not have a backlog of work ahead of mine):

a. Sending a design to have the caster

b.  Make a mold of it and mail the wax replica back to me for approval.

c.  After I return the model, the caster produces the design in gold or sterling

d.  The caster sends the rough casting to me to be sanded and polished.

Two round trips!  I suggest that if a particular piece is desired for a specific occasion, allowing plenty of time for it to be fabricated and finished is crucial.  I have tried to state that stipulation in the description of all cast designs.  My inventory is limited to one of any particular piece of work and when that is sold, it takes time to make another.