Brecciated Jaspar and Onyx or Red Jaspar and Buffalo Horn

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Brecciated Jaspar is also known as Ruin Jaspar because of its broken appearance. Each octagon paints a different picture for us to enjoy, making it difficult to find two matching stones for the earrings. The octagons with space in the middle for a large “twirlable” bead are not being made now it seems. The Onyx beads were an easy choice but I used them in graduated sizes to make the piece of jewelry more interesting. It will slip over your head so there is no troubling with a clasp. 23″ Set #1: $195

I also made another set using Red Jaspar and Buffalo Horn beads that emphasize the warm browns in the octagon stones (please see inset). The triangular stones and round beads used for the earrings carry out the geometric theme of the necklace. The 14K goldfilled filigree clasp is better with these stones, in my opinion, than cool Sterling; though that would have been considerably less expensive. 19″ Set #2: $185

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Set #1: 23" (Main Image), Set #2: 19" (Inset Image)


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