20” Necklace, Earrings and 7.5”Bracelet


This gemstone is named for the place in Canada where it was discovered. Few stones are so named (please see Amazonite in Treasured Stones page). Labradorite is a feldspar that appears to be an uninteresting translucent gray. Then, when it is seen from a different angle, it may flash a lovely blue or green light. This unusual quality is shown to advantage best when worn, so that the movement of the wearer moves the stones and causes the colors to appear intermittently, here and there. While I chose to use several sizes and shapes of the components beads as I designed this piece in order to create variety, I did use only this one mysterious stone, wanting to maximize the incidence of the wondrous flashes of color.

The current popularity of this subtle stone is noteworthy when compared with the usual interest in sparkling stones and faceted crystal jewelry.


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