Autumn Medley Torsade

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21” Necklace and Earrings. Yellow and Leopard Skin Jaspars, Carnelian, Hematite, Brecciated Jaspar,


These gemstones from several continents lived together for years in a clear box that moved to my new home when I did; they reminded me of sugar maples and the granite boulders of New England. One day, when higher priorities were finally checked off, I set aside a couple of days to revel in the long deferred design process. One by one, I refined the balance of shapes, sizes and colors, eliminating one strand of Leopard Jaspar (too much mass and mottling), adding a Yellow Jaspar coin occasionally instead of a whole strand (too many). I knew the color and transparency of the Carnelian were crucial, to enliven the work, but I needed to introduce a shape other than round. Happily, I had bought a chip strand earlier. Then, needing a strand of beads even smaller than the 3mm and 4mm Yellow Jaspar beads to complete the range of round sizes, I exchanged the 6mm strand of Hematite, whose color fit so well with the dark color in the Leopard Jaspar, for the tiny 2mm beads you see and knew it was done.

But why be content with “just a necklace”, I mused, when I was pretty sure I had a big cabochon that had most of the colors of the necklace in it. I had bought it decades before, knowing I’d find the right place for it one day. It would be a great accent and I did find it, and when I fit it into its bezel and held it right next to the necklace, the colors were as good a match as I had hoped, but it seemed to need its own space, to “make its own statement”.

Thus began an experiment into a new area for me, to make a hanger from what I had on hand (I couldn’t wait and shop for a ready-made). So I took two French earwires, shaped them, made a collar of Carnelian chips for the bezel, dangled the stone from the necklace and was truly finished. (It can easily be taken off though, if it doesn’t fit the neckline or the occasion.) Enjoy!!!

I loved the experience of designing this 5-strand, though it took much more time; and now I want to do one in ocean colors, which are my favorites.

1 review for Autumn Medley Torsade

  1. H.Booth

    the colors are terrific, and even though it is totally current in style it is timelessly beautiful

    • Silvercloud

      Several people voted for this one on FB as their favorite. It was another that waited for just the right stone combinations. I appreciate your comment!

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