Design Your Own Egyptian Collar

Egyptian Collars – 13 Piece and 41 Piece Gemstone Array, Turquoise Shape and Size Variations & Olive Jade Variations.


Among the pieces in this Gallery, there are two that show how the sets could look. Please see Lapis and Azurite Necklace and Earrings and Red Jaspar and Carnelian Necklace and Earrings .

If you would like to choose the 41 green stone set of Aventurine,for example, think about what other gemstones would look good with it and what size and shape. Also, you might want to have darker stones to add contrast and/or Precious Metal beads of some interesting shape.

If you have read my thoughts about collaboration in my blog, you already know I relish working with someone who wants to try designing their own piece of jewelry but needs some guidance and encouragement. That way it turns out just as that person wants it; that is always my goal and delights me when it happens.

So, choose a set and let’s talk.

Or, perhaps you would like a Turquoise set or one in Olive Jade with a bit more variation than that of size and light versus dark as seen in the Gallery. I have put an inset, showing some choices, on the picture of the Triple Strands.

Let me know what you’d like to do and let’s work together to make it happen. Please contact me to discuss next steps!


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