Fireworks Jaspar “Primitive” and Removable Quartz Pendant


A one and only piece of jewelry


Some years ago I bought several geode slices, one of which you can find with the Botswana Agate link. The other one was quite irregular and showed more matrix than usual. Somehow, I liked it even though I couldn’t imagine how I might use it.

Recently, trying to design 15 ways to use Fireworks Jaspar, I found some Mother of Pearl shapes left from the process of cutting buttons from the shell. I had sorted them a few years before and now came upon them in a final, forlorn search of my “ottoman” for any likely matches. Using them in their graduated order, I finished off the last muffin bunch. “Not bad”, I thought in my stupor, with the oval Jaspar alternating with what is called Tigerskin, though it isn’t striped. The usual Onyx beads have Carnelian chips on each side and one Golden Buffalo Horn bead adds to the “safari” references of this composition. It is long enough to slip over the head so the usual Sterling S-hook clasp is unnecessary.

But, even in my dazed state, I knew it needed a pendant. Something smooth and sophisticated would not do at all. Then the memory of that rough hewn geode floated up through my nearly comatose creativity. It was the perfect accent for the somewhat primeval look of the jewelry piece. Now all I have to do is make a hanger!


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