Olive Jade – Copper Fantasy

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Sterling magnetic clasp


This unusual composition is a single strand of Peridot with only a few Olive Jade beads next to the Kyanite shards BUT with the playful addition of Copper.  The size of the Copper loops on the necklace is the size of the hand of a friend who tunes pianos and wound this wire off a broken piano string.  He offered a bag of variously sized wire for me “to play with”.  All I had to do was to fan these copper loops out and find a way to connect them to the necklace.  What fun!

1 review for Olive Jade – Copper Fantasy

  1. H.Booth

    I really appreciate the compination of the natural feeling stones and finished copper wire…very interesting and pleasing marriage.

    • Silvercloud

      This piece was fun to make and would take a playful and somewhat daring person to wear it, I guess. But there certainly would not be another person in the room with a necklace like this, would there?

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