Silver Leaves, Peace Jaspar, British Columbian Jade and Peridot


21” Gemstone Necklace and Earrings, Silver @ $37 per oz.


Peace Jaspar is known in the jewelry business variously as Sesame Jaspar and even Lapis Nevada (lapis means stone).

Pale versus dark, large versus small, opaque versus trans-parent and dull versus shiny; this necklace has it all and very likely would have satisfied me if I had not seen these silver leaves in a recent jewelry catalog. I just HAD to try some. To attach them to the necklace, I also ordered some headpins that had a ball on the end to imitate a raindrop ready to fall from the leaves. Then, to echo the gleam of the sterling leaves, I used sterling lantern beads and a graceful clasp that is easy to fasten. Two more leaves for earrings, this time with a Peridot raindrop and the composition was finished.


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