Silvercloud’s Sterling Creations – Five Pins

#4, “Pansy” Pin is pictured at left, Silver @ $20 per oz.

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Set #1:  Path Through the Mountains
The assignment seemed simple: take a length of Sterling wire and by bending only, turn it into a piece of jewelry. Pictured here is that piece, my very FIRST creation! As I compare it to any of my later designs, it seems to be as good as any I have done. All I did was to add surface interest by hammering it lightly, which was allowed. You can try it or I’ll make one for you, if you wish. $100

Set #2: Vortex Pin and matching Hoop & Beads Earrings
Again, Sterling wire is bent – but curved this time, not angular like long ago. The added interest now is beads, in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes; only one such combination is shown. $55

Set #3: Party in a Pinstripe
Wire yet again – with shiny spiraling Sterling beads added. I had fun imagining a woman (perhaps she is YOU?) in a business suit getting a texted invitation to a party. She reaches in her bag, pulls out the soft pouch she keeps this set of jewelry in and she’s ready. $80

Set #4: Pansy Pin (Pictured at left)
After I made this pin, I went back to the shop where I had found the piece of mushroom coral that looked like a pansy. No luck! And I have never found another yet. If you have one that you’d like made like this, even though all my work is copywrited, you have my permission to copy this design yourself. $350

Set #5: Fairy Face in a Flower
Some years ago, I found this fascinating Sterling clip. Imagine this: a Flapper goes dancing with this little Fairy peeking over the top of her beaded dress. She knows she doesn’t have to take a ride with just anyone – she has “mad money” for a taxi, safely pinned out of sight. What a great retro reminder! The Charleston and bathtub gin and “anything goes”. $225

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Set #1: Path Through the Mountains – $100, Set #2: Vortex Pin and Earrings – $55, Set #3: Party in a Pinstripe Set – $80, Set #4: Pansy Pin – $350, Set #5:Vintage Fairy Face in a Flower – $225


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