Sterling and Chrysacola Jewelry

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20.5” Necklace, 8.5” Bracelet & Earrings with Post

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This set is my first experience with Cancun and Jewelry. I capitalize Jewelry here because Cancun is definitely full to overflowing with it, especially Sterling which is so abundant in Mexico. I wish the photograph showed the wonderfully crafted box clasp better. That is what impressed me most I think; I may not be able to make one but I know enough of silversmithing to recognize excellence. And the settings for the stones are cast, not stamped, meaning: that’s a lot of silver.

The stones were represented to me as Chrysacola; all I knew was that I wear a lot of greens and blues and I imagined how well any of them would look with this set of jewelry. So I bought several pieces, some with rectangles only and some with ovals only, asked that they be reassembled and had the extras made into a bracelet and earrings. The eagerness and skill of the artisans to make my design become reality was something new to me. I even had extra earrings, so I found a rectangular stone which could hang from a Sterling chain and now had a less formal look too. How exciting is that?

Set #1: Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings (Main Image) $850

Set #2: Rectangular Stone & Earrings (Inset) $150

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Set #1: Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings (Main Image), Set #2: Rectangular Stone & Earrings (Inset)

2 reviews for Sterling and Chrysacola Jewelry

  1. Angela

    Stunning pieces of jewelry. It’s unusual to find both such high quality of these stones and the generous framing of silver. Absolutely crave the necklace!

    • Silvercloud

      Angela, Thank you for the review of this set. Not many people notice, as you did, the beautifully crafted Sterling box clasp. This jewelry was made to my design by splendid Mexican artisans. They sure do know silversmithing!

  2. Lorraine D. Snyder

    This is WOW! I’m wanting this more than Angela. I could build a whole outfit around this.

    • Silvercloud

      Lorraine; Thanks for the WOW! I bet you would use the set for more than one outfit, knowing how this color goes with both cool and warm backgrounds. You might find you would be wearing it once a week – it would become your signature piece.

      I appreciate your review, Lorraine

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