Amazonite and M.O.P. Flower & Leaves Accent


19” Gemstone Necklace and Earrings


Amazonite is one of the stones I like the best. Of course, any stone in the blue-green color range attracts me strongly. From transparent Aquamarine and Apatite to opaque Turquoise, I would be content to work with gemstones of this color, I think, for a very long time. I find this color restful like the calm ocean sounds of “shooooosh” at an otherwise quiet beach.

Amazonite, like any product of nature, is not usually uniform in its color but somewhat “marbleized”. Sometimes a vein of solid color is found large enough to be shaped into gemstones. Such a rare occasion made these beautifully matched chevrons possible.

This necklace with its rounded and its pointed pieces echoes the shapes in the Mother of Pearl feature accent. It combines elements of the Earth and the Ocean, something I especially like to do. The mountains of South America give us Amazonite while the shells and natural pearls were harvested in Asian seas, making this jewelry’s source material from several continents, something I also like to do when designing my work.


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