Botswana Agate 1, 2, 3 and Druzy Agate Pendant

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There was great variety in the stones on the three strands of Botswana Agate I bought, therefore they were relatively inexpensive. Strung at random, chaotic, downright ugly and such an opportunity for design challenge and pleasure! As I began to sort, design ideas came from the gemstones themselves. How many have diagonal stripes, how many horizontal, how many vertical? Will I need to add other stones, what sizes or colors? Do I have pieces that can be used as accents? See what happened!

Set #1: Single Strand: variously marked stones with Onyx and Bronzite. 23” $110

Set #2: Double Strand: one of diagonally striped stones and one of vertically striped stones with Howlite and Onyx. 17”&20” $19o (shown with detachable Geode* which is a One and Only) $195

Set#3: Single Strand: Horizontally striped stones with lots of Howlite make this piece unusual. 24” $110

* The gemstone quality Geode slice had no drilled holes but seemed to add a bit of panache to the Botswana strands, so I either had to have it drilled or devise a hanger for it. I had recently seen the astonishing wire-wrapped jewelry of an extraordinary artist and was inspired to try a very basic experiment with some Sterling wire I had. The result solved my problem, securely held the pendant but was removable if a more casual look was desired or if it was needed to add to another piece of jewelry.  Removable Agate Pendant   $500

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Set #1, Set #2, Set #3, Removable Agate Pendant


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