British Columbian Jade, Aventurine & Rose Quartz


22” Gemstone Necklace and Earrings


This piece of jewelry is another example of how something purchased many years ago, just because I admired it, helped finish off a current project. I do think that is some evidence that fundamental preferences endure over time.

The basics of pastel green and pink appear again here (please see Rose Quartz Peach and Aventurine), but in this work, become the background for the dark opaque British Columbian Jade. When the necklace was finished, I thought it needed a removable pendant to give it versatility. So back to my collection of 30x40mm cabochons, to perhaps find the right stone (please see Autumn Torsade). Sure enough there it was, waiting decades for its time of usefulness. I think you’ll agree it’s a pretty good match.  What do you think?  Please comment above in Review.

I don’t believe either the Aventurine or the Rose Quartz is dyed, though it is getting harder to find untreated stones. One way to assure yourself that they are naturally colored is to vigorously rub the stones with a wet paper towel or cloth.


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