Rose Quartz, Lodolite and Copper


20.5” Gemstone Necklace and Earrings


When the price of gold and silver began to rise, suddenly it was fashionable to wear copper jewelry. I decided to try it out, to see if my prejudice against using any metal other than my usual precious ones was valid. Could I do it – design something as appealing, as uncommon, as my other jewelry creations strive to be? I didn’t want to buy a lot of copper beads in case I failed, so I limited myself to a narrow selection of separators and special beads of copper plus a magnetic clasp. Then I had to decide which of my beads would both contrast AND complement this metal which seems warm and cool at the same time; do you know what I mean by that?

Anyway, I chose Rose Quartz. By this time you probably have some idea of the gemstones I use. Imagine along with me, if you will: Copper used with pale green beads of Aventurine? All of a sudden I can see how the copper would look next to it; terrific! Like a lovely woman with auburn hair wearing green, right? Oh, I can hardly wait to make a set like that! And what about Peridot beads, or Amethyst? How about Blue Chalcedony or maybe even Citrine? It seems that only translucent stones work, yes? Lapis, Malachite or any other opaque gemstone would not let the Copper be as noticeable or important in the design as it deserves to be (but Olive Jade beads might be quite handsome, don’t you think?).

I say, “If we’re going to use Copper, then let’s allow it to show to itself to its best advantage”.


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