Botswana Agate Necklace



Single Strand 18″: Black and crystaline areas in the Botswana Agates set the design, calling for Rock Crystal rondels and Onyx rounds. A large Onyx Pendant is hung horizontally in a Sterling bezel. This piece uses all the dissident stones from the several strands I purchased, some with unusual markings or crystalizations. Aren’t they wonderful – individual works of natural art!  For a layered look, imagine this piece added to a strand of pearls or onyx.

Since I used all the out-of-the ordinary stones in this necklace, if the person who purchases this one-and-only jewel wants compatible earrings, I will use simple onyx rounds, to match those in the necklace, so as to not distract from it as fancy earrings would do. My pleasure.


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