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When I finally moved permanently from fiber arts to jewelry design, I think the first gemstone I loved was Fancy Jaspar. I couldn’t figure out how it came to be named that. It wasn’t until recently that I found out why this stone of many colors might be called “fancy”. I was looking at colored diamonds, and the collection was called “Fancy”. So I guessed that word is used to mean “many colors”. But, if any one knows for sure, would you please let me know. Even my Georgia Gem and Mineral source person can’t say.

I bought 6 strands of 8mm rounds and 6 of 8×20 cylindrical beads – my first such splurge. But these beautiful stones were randomly strung. So I decided I needed to organize them into categories. While sorting them into a few muffin pans, I saw that browns, from pinkish tan to warm chocolate, seemed to predominate but there were a few greens, some of them quite dark. I took sixteen of those, added some Rose Quartz beads (please see Fancy Jaspar and Rose Quartz) and a carved shell accent to make my first gemstone necklace. Then counting the sorted beads, I began to see how many sets could be made with them. Transitioning from the color of one bead to the next one challenged me but I loved it even though each piece took days.

Set #1: “Spring”, greens ranging from leafy to gray green, 23”. $145

Set #2: “Spring into Summer”, half of greens – half tans. This fun necklace can be worn with green toward the front but when desired, be turned to become tan because I carefully designed the beads’ colors to evolve slowly with no sudden changes, 24”. $156

Set #3: “Autumn”, rich browns, 18” with 7.5” bracelet. $164

Set #4: “Winter”, pastels that also go with Summer colors, 24”. $153

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Set #1: Spring, Set #2: Spring into Summer, Set #3: Autumn, Set #4: Winter


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