Five Sterling Bracelets and ‘Ribbon Kelp’ Ring

All pieces are available by custom order.

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1. “Nearly Fatal Bullet” Cuff/Bracelet
Wonder Woman – what a gal! No armor necessary for her, with her lightning fast reflexes and silver bracelet. I first made this design when there was a Wonder Woman TV series and gave it to a dear friend who had been through a divorce and was headed to Africa with the Peace Corp. She told me she had to get special permission to keep wearing it, contrary to regulations. She had indeed endured “A Nearly Fatal Bullet” and the bracelet symbolized and celebrated her survival. I guess most everyone has had a nearly fatal bullet – I know I have.              $245      $30 per oz.

2. Josephine Knot in three bracelet versions
Very tiny Sterling wire intertwines, twists together and is then hammered flat so it can be soldered to a simple band of thick Sterling.               $200 when spot price of Sterling @ $30 per oz.

In two other gauges of Sterling wire, the knot named Josephine bends easily around the wrist. Who was she, the woman whose name this woven wire bears? Was she the famous Empress? How did she come to make it; did she use it as a signature design? As it turns out, someone who appreciates my work, researched it on-line and ‘Lo and Behold’, it was her design and later used by others who called it ‘A Love Knot’. It makes me wonder if she used it to refer to herself and Napoleon.       $100 for either version      Sterling @ $30 per oz.

3. Twice Twisted Bracelet 
I conceived of this simple design when I helped phobic patients overcome their fears of tools and fire by showing them how they could craft twisted wire bracelets (see bracelet pictured here, also available in heavy guage wire). Later, I began to make simple sterling gifts myself for Christmas. Here’s how.

Two small Sterling wires are twisted together, then placed in a vise with a thicker wire,then twisted together. Sounds simple?  The trick is to hold the twisting mechanism out straight from the vise or the twists will be uneven.  Now don’t ever say I kept secrets.        $55/$75 based on Sterling @ $30 per oz.

4.  ‘Ribbon Kelp’ Ring                                                                                                                                                      Imagine with me, listening to gentle waves coming ashore.    Of course, this kelp doesn’t grow everywhere, so you might as well imagine yourself in Malibu or Santa Barbara, OK?  Perhaps there was a storm last night and you now playfully pick up a strand of ribbon kelp, washed up on today’s quiet beach.  You begin to wrap it around your finger, then back and forth on top.  Now you imagine that, magically, it turns into Sterling Silver.  What a souvenir!!            $205   Sterling @ 30 per oz.

5.  Memory Wire Bracelet with Precious Metal Beads (not pictured)
These graduated beads march four complete times around the wrist, punctuated every tenth Sterling bead with a slightly larger 14K goldfilled bead which become fluted ones toward the middle of the bracelet, with smooth tapered beads at each end.         $100  Sterling @ $30 per oz.

6. Tie Bar and/or Money Clip (not pictured)
This is another simple design that looks nice enough to give as a gift – in fact my handy daughter made one for her father when she was in middle school. The strip of Sterling is hammered on one half, bent like a hair pin and then polished. Narrow or Wider            $45/$55 when spot price of Sterling is $25 per oz.

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Set #1, Set #2a, Set #2b, Set #2c, Set #3a, Set #3b, Set #4, Set #5, Set #6a (Narrow), Set #6b (Wide)

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  1. Silvercloud

    o The “wonder woman” hammered cuff is my FAVORITE !! Kelley Ingram Bradley

    • Silvercloud

      Kelley; I had such fun making the first one. And when my friend who wore it so determinedly, I knew it had a powerful message. Thanks for your comment.

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